Chicken Facts & Tips

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    All of our chickens are born, bred and raised in Ireland.

    Manor Farm have 160 chicken farmers working with us, all of which are based in the republic of Ireland.



    It is important for us to support the Irish Economy which in turn benefits us all. We – Manor Farm – are a major contributor to the Irish Economy.

    Where possible we source all our raw materials from the Republic of Ireland. Manor Farm has a turnover of €224 million. Of this we spend 90% within the Republic of Ireland. We give direct employment to over 820 people and indirect employment to many more.

    By buying our Irish product you are guaranteeing these jobs and supporting the Irish Economy.



    Our chickens are fed on a natural grain based diet developed by ourselves in our unique chicken only feed mill located in Co. Cavan. By developing the feed in this way we eliminate the risk of cross-contamination from feeds intended for other species and having control means that the finished feed specifications are tailored to exactly what the bird requires for optimal health and growth.The use of some whole grain and coarse ground grain is used and it is this coarse ground grain which mimics the diet the bird would have access to under natural conditions (seeds and grains), and is important in maintaining the healthy functioning of the digestive system of the bird.



    Free Range chicken has been raised with access to the open air and allowed to roam freely. It is generally consumed for this reason and that the taste is different to other methods of raising chicken giving a slightly “Gamier” taste.



    Both Free Range chickens and Organic chickens have access to the open air. The difference is that Organic chickens are reared on land that has been fallow for 2 years prior to their rearing. The Organic chicken is more like the farmyard chicken of old than the Free Range chicken and is raised on organically produced feed.



    Chicken with this Bord Bía logo with the tricolour at the bottom is 100% guaranteed to be from the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. Without the tricolour at the bottom of the Bord Bía logo then it will be from the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

    Product bearing the Bord Bía mark is quality assured. It shows that it has met the standards of the Bord Bía QAS both at processor and at farm level. A standard is developed by Bord Bía to the highest international standards and which exceed the minimum regulations set by the EU.

    For more information on Bord Bía go to BordBí



    Once the chicken is cooked properly and allowed to cool before placing in the fridge, it should be consumed within 2 to 3 days.



    The answer is Yes and No ….but let us explain.

    We don’t recommend “suitable for reheating”on our chicken labels because we do not know how chicken is stored and reheated once cooked. If chicken is cooked and not chilled appropriately, it may become contaminated with bacteria. Also if it is not heated at the correct temperature for the correct length of time it could potentially become unsafe. Also if the chicken is incorrectly stored in a fridge it could be contaminated by raw meat etc. and we cannot stand over the practices that each person carries out in their home environment.

    However guidelines on the Food Safety Authority website ( ) state the following:


    Q. Can I reheat leftover food?

    Yes. Leftovers should be used within 2 days and stored in the fridge at between 0-5°C during this time. They can be reheated as long as they are heated to 70°C or higher. Food should be very hot and steaming before it is served. It is important when reheating stews and casseroles that the liquid boils for around 3-5 minutes to ensure the pieces of meat are completely heated through. Leftovers should only be reheated once.”



    Chicken is an excellent source of protein in the diet. It is naturally low in carbohydrates. Chicken is a good source ofVitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 and is also a good source of minerals including iron.

    Generally chicken breast meat contains the lowest level of fat, followed by skinless thigh and drumsticks. Removing the skin from the chicken portion considerably lowers the overall fat content of the meat.



    Chicken is so versatile, it can be cooked in a number of different ways. The healthiest way to cook a chicken fillet is to grill, poach or steam it. A whole chicken and other portions can be roasted in the oven, this is the healthiest way to cook them, as any fat from the skin will remain in the tray.



    There is no water at all added to our chickens!!



    Answer 1: Whatever you order first comes first!!

    Answer 2: The chicken & egg is a cycle and a cycle has no beginning!!

    Answer 3: There is no answer. If the chicken came first, it came from the egg. If the egg came first, then it came from a chicken, and so forth.

    Answer 4: The chicken came first because the chicken was made before the egg because God made all the animals/birds/fish etc ….. so the chicken came first before the egg.

    Final answer: The chicken came first….or was it the egg…no the no no the egg………



    Chickens can fly but only for short distances.

    The world’s longest flight of a chicken that has been recorded is 13 seconds.

    The world’s longest distance flight of a chicken that has been recorded is 301½ feet .

    A chicken moves at about 14 kilometres per hour.

    Uneaten, a chicken can live 8 years.

    The fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia.