Our Sustainability

Manor Farm Sustainable packaging

Manor Farm are constantly improving and introducing new measures to mitigate our environmental impact. Climate change is here to stay and as a result, we make a conscious effort in adapting our production and packaging methods in order to minimise our contribution. Here’s how;


Manor Farm are members of Plastic Action Alliance which was established in November 2018. With the voluntary group, we have already achieved 6 out of the 10 targets agreed in the initial action plan.


Manor Farm are long standing members of Repak. As a result we monitor and measure the recycling of all materials used on site. Under Repak’s Plastic Packaging Recycling Strategy 2018 – 2030 and based around the European Commission European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, we established new recycling targets. We now aim to recycle 50% of all plastic packaging waste by 2025 and 55% by 2030.


Manor Farm has an on-site wastewater treatment plant and are accredited to the environmental standard ISO 14001. Manor Farm take water from Lough Sillan, treat, use in the process, cleanse in the waste water treatment plant before discharging purified water back into Lough Sillan, thus recycling 100% of the water used on-site.


All of our shredded paper is donated to Precious Paws Cattery and Kennels in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan. The kennels put the shredding to great use as bedding material for the cats and dogs of Precious Paws.

Bord Bia Certified Member 

Manor Farm is a certified member of Bord Bia and as such, adheres to all standards laid down by the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme.

The Poultry Products Quality Assurance Scheme operated by Bord Bia is designed to enable poultry producers and processors to meet the ever increasing demands of customers and consumers. The scheme is kept under review to ensure that it continues to reflect the emerging requirements of the marketplace.

The PPQAS is an integrated scheme involving the producer, the processor and the customers. However, quality and safety assurances are also conducted at the first stages on the farm.  

Chicken that meets this standard at farm and food production level is entitled to carry the Bord Bia Quality Assurance logo on the final pack.

Shoppers who choose chicken products with this logo can have confidence that it has been produced to the highest standards. These standards are at least equivalent and in many cases exceed international standards in Europe, they are regularly and rigorously checked both by the farmer and by independent auditors.

For more information on the scheme from Bord Bia click here.

Our Feed

We only source our raw materials from quality approved suppliers and all of our raw materials are 100% traceable.

Each batch of feed is produced with extreme care and caution. All incoming raw materials and finished feed are tested rigorously in our on-site laboratory.

Our wheat and oats are sourced from local crop farmers. We use a large amount of oilseed rape which is also 100% Irish. Other materials that are not grown in Ireland such as sustainable soya and maize, we source from Paraguay and Brazil.

Our feed processing is 100% UFAS, Bord Bia approved and proud members of Food Fortress.