Manor Farm Wins National Q Mark Award!

Manor Farm crowned National Winners at the 2019 Q Mark Awards for Hygiene and Food Safety!

Pictured above; A very happy Manor Farm Team receiving their Quality Mark Award

The Q Mark is a symbol that shows a business delivers the highest standards of quality and excellence.

It is based on the premise of continuous improvement, and it gives companies the opportunity to monitor their business processes 100% of the time.

Managing Director Irene Collins explains the process in obtaining the merit.

Once a company signs up to the Q Mark, they will receive a technical standard which outlines everything that the company needs to review its quality management systems, customer experience, leadership and commitment, employee engagement, business systems and processes, and the key business results. Once the auditor has reviewed their business, they get a really in-depth report back which will highlight what they are doing exceptionally well. It will also give them areas for improvement, and recommendations,” she said. 

The results of the audit are presented to a certification committee composed of experts in their chosen field who decide if a business is worthy of the Q Mark. But not every business that applies gets the Q Mark.


Liam Hilliard, Head of Quality and Environmental at Manor Farm, delighted for his dedicated quality team


Manor Farm was awarded the title of National Winner of the Q Mark for Hygiene and Food Safety, sponsored this year by Ishka, while Roadbridge won the title of National Winner of the Q Mark for Quality Management Systems, sponsored for 2019 by Solus.

“Manor Farm demonstrated to the panel of judges that they are best in class,” Ms Collins said, “and that they take food safety seriously, and it’s at the heart of everything that they do.”

Director Vincent Carton said Manor Farm said, “Manor Farm is proud to be the recipient of the Hygiene Mark award again this year, as it underlines our commitment for high quality standards within the Irish poultry processing industry and recognises the company’s commitment to quality and hygiene at all levels. Manor Farm can now proudly display two more awards on their premises, to let customers and staff know that they’ve earned their place at the premium level of Irish enterprise”

See below for more images of the night!

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